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Recovering After A Hospital Stay

Supporting You in Recovering After a Hospital Stay

Recovering from a surgery can be stressful and sometimes painful. Our Clinical Care Coordinators are here to coach you during your healing process and help make the transition out of the hospital as smooth as possible. If you have concerns about how you are feeling or what follow-up appointments need to be made, our Clinical Care Coordinators are happy to assist.

Stories of patients who have participated in the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement initiative:

In the past, we had a patient who previously had a left knee replacement and was now scheduled to have a right knee replacement. Although she was nervous for another surgery and period of recovery, the patient was positive about this surgery because of the wonderful care and follow-up she previously received from the care coordination team. During her first surgery, the patient questioned immediately going home after surgery; but with frequent home visit by nurses and regular conversations with her Clinical Care Coordinator, the patient felt safe and secure at home because her “guardian angels” were watching over her and helping her recover.

After another patient's heart valve surgery, the patient was admitted to a skilled nursing facility – a health care facility that offers comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation services. During the first phone call with the patient after surgery, the Clinical Care Coordinator realized the patient was not walking on a daily basis – an activity known to aid in recovery. The Clinical Care Coordinator spoke to members of the patient’s skilled nursing facility care team to ensure everyone was aware of the clinical plan to help the patient recover, which included walking daily. During the next phone call with the patient, she was overjoyed and so thankful for the assistance of the Clinical Care Coordinator to help get her on the road to recovery and walking regularly.